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Terry Bradshaw presents Aqua-Pipe®

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September 2014

Aqua-Pipe« signed a contract with Middlesex Water ( to perform the structural rehabilitation of 2,900 linear feet of 6 inch water mains using Aqua-Pipe« technology. This contract is the first major installation of the Aqua-Pipe« liner in the State of New Jersey following successful installations in the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts among others.

March 2013

350 Towns and Cities Can't All Be Wrong
From NASTT'S 2013 No-Dig Show presentation

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January 2013

Aqua-Pipe Technology adds life to Boston-Area water system
From Trenchless International

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Aqua-Pipe in the news!

FER-PAL, one of our licensee made news in Ontario with the Aqua-Pipe liner.

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2012 Trenchless Technology Editorial Roundtable

Over the past decade, there have been a plethora of needs assessments published that document a staggering under-investment....

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Terrace Construction Acquires AQUA-PIPE® License for Ohio State

Mr. Alain Sauriol, President of Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. (Sanexen)...

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Fixing a busted Oak Park water main under the expressway

The solution: a company from Missouri had to string a 240-foot-long piece of fabric

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Addressing Aging Water Infrastructure

Pilot Project in Cleveland Evaluates Structural CIPP for Water Mains

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A greener way to rehabilitate
water pipes

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine. January 2011

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Alaska CEs Use State-of-the-Art Technology to Renew Water Mains

Aqua-Pipe chosen to repair the water infrastructure at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), Alaska.

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Bright Lights of Madison Avenue Shine on Trenchless Rehab Project

Yes, it’s that Madison Avenue — and the new trenchless technology worked better than claimed and did everything promised, plus a whole lot more.

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Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition

Come and meet our Aqua-Pipe team at the annual Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition in Tampa, Fl. UCT, January 19-21, Booth #205
Water Main Relining Project Completed
in Charleston

The Charleston (S.C.) Water System recently completed a pilot project in the Charleston Naval using a new lining product called Aqua-Pipe. The project involved relining 1,907 ft of 8-in. ductile iron pipe with Aqua-Pipe, a structural liner for water mains.

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Video - Construction project in Omaha

A major construction project is underway in Omaha, NE and we may not even notice!

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ACE09 - Annual Conference

Aqua-Pipe will be part of AWWA's ACE09 Annual Conference & Exposition. Come meet our team at booth #510 from June 14th to June 18th.
Pennsylvania AWWA meeting

Aqua-Pipe attended the Pennsylvania AWWA meeting in Pittsburgh from May 3rd to 7th. Many Utilities members and Consultant Engineers have visited the Aqua-Pipe booth and have gathered information and facts about our technology.
Technical paper recently presented by the City of Toronto

Technical paper recently presented by the City of Toronto, Canada at the International No Dig Show : Service connections upgrade on a structurally rehabilitated water main

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Trenchless Technology – Cover Story

Sanexen Environmental: Devoted to clean water in North America.

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2012 Trenchless Technology Editorial Roundtable

Over the past decade, there have been a plethora of needs assessments published that document a staggering under-investment....

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Water Pipe Study:

United States Needs $1 Trillion For Drinking Water Lines Over Next 25 Years

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Experts: U.S. water infrastructure
in trouble

U.S. averages 700 water main breaks daily, say experts...

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Greening the globe with Trenchless

Trenchless offers a sustainable option for a wide range of underground infrastructure projects.

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SAK Acquires Exclusive License to Install Aqua-Pipe

SAK Construction, a national pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling industries contractor headquartered in the St.Louis area, is expanding its trenchless technology services to include rehabilitation or water distribution system.

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Mass. water main break affects
Boston, suburbs

A "catastrophic" break Saturday in a relatively new, 10-foot wide steel pipe rendered the water undrinkable in Boston and more than two dozen of its suburbs, forcing Gov. Deval Patrick to declare a state of emergency.

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New clues found in L.A.'s rash of
water main breaks

An unusually full reservoir, faulty trunk line may have put too much pressure on deteriorated cast-iron pipes more susceptible to ruptures, the DWP says in a report.

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Trenchless Making Inroads in
Water Market

Trenchless lining in combination with conservation practices is one possible solution to reducing water loss. “Any type of conservation measures are always a positive thing,” Fulford said.

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Water main break shuts off 25 homes

ANDOVER — Between 20 and 25 homes were without water yesterday after an underground main broke near the intersection of Central Street and Lupine Road at about 8:30 a.m., said Water and Sewer Superintendent Morris Gray.

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Water Main Break Forces Leeward Coast to Conserve Water

The 24- inch water main break happened Tuesday along Farrington Highway.

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Water main breaks shifting

The number of water main breaks in Kingston this year looks to rival last year's figures, but where the breaks are happening could change in the years to come.

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About Aqua-Pipe®

For many years, structural rehabilitation of mains was strictly available in the gas and sewer industries. A decade ago, Sanexen has developed a structural liner for the rehabilitation of drinking water mains.

Aqua-Pipe® is a proven economical and viable alternative to the water main problems where, in the past, dig and replace was the only choice.

City managers and engineers from public works departments now have a decision to make when they experience the following symptoms with their water mains:

  • Loss of structural capacity (water pressure, live or dead load)
  • Experience numerous pipe breaks or high rate of leakage
  • Loss of important hydraulic capacity in addition to structural problems
  • Experience water quality problems in addition to structural problems

NSFAqua-Pipe® is a structural liner that is designed and manufactured with mechanical properties exceeding all specifications and meeting drinking water requirements.
Aqua-Pipe® is certified by NSF to standard NSF/ANSI 61.

The Aqua-Pipe® solution has many advantages, such as when:
  • Complete access to driveways is a must and the closing of streets to residents as well as businesses is out of the question.
  • The water main runs underneath a bridge or overpass rendering access to the main impossible.

As one can see, there are strong advantages in using the Aqua-Pipe® system in well populated areas where water main breaks and rusty water plague the system.

With the help of its licensees, many miles of Aqua-Pipe® have been installed over the past decade throughout Eastern Canada and the United States.