Engineers now have more options:

  • Possibility to line pipes that are difficult to access (underneath bridges, highways, etc)
  • No future maintenance required
  • Excavate access pits at each end of the section
  • Future dry and pressure taps of service connections easily carried out
  • Little excavation when compared to traditional open cut
  • Possibility to line through bends
  • Adjacent infrastructures not disturbed by work
  • Less complaints from residents during work

Aqua-Pipe® adds years of service life to water distribution systems by:

  • Increasing pressure and flow capacity;
  • Adding corrosion resistance;
  • Regaining structural capacity.

Economic considerations are the key to success with Aqua-Pipe®:

  • Rehabilitation is less expensive than traditional open cut;
  • Prevention of future water main breaks;
  • Reduction in treatment and pumping costs;
  • Elimination of further interventions on rehabilitated water mains;
  • Reduction of social costs.